How Trading Is No Different To Running & Owning Your Own Business
  • The 4 Ways To Produce An Income
  • The 9 Key Components That Make Up A Successful Business Model
  • The 9 Key Business Components Applied To Trading
How Trading Is Like Owning A Casino But Better!
  • How The Casino Ensures The Odd's Are Always In Their Favor
  • Why Is A 5.4% Edge Such A Big Deal?
  • The Only 5 Possible Outcomes To Any Trade
Trading The Financial Markets For A Living
  • Determining The Profitability And Cash Flow Of A Trading Business
  • Understanding The Revenue Expectancy Model Used By Most Traditional Businesses
  • How Revenue Expectancy In Trading Will Always Be Random
The Art Of Market Speculation
  • The Core Elements Of Market Speculation
  • Market Speculation Essentials
  • Lets Play A Game
Finding Your Edge Over The Financial Markets
  • What Is An Edge?
  • Lessons From The Market Wizards
  • Key Take-Aways From The Market Wizards
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