• Introduction
  • What is a MOOC?
Finding MOOCs
  • Searching for MOOCs
  • Browsing MOOCs by institution
  • MOOC aggregators
Getting started
  • Signing up
  • Course dashboard
  • Un-enrolling
What a MOOC looks like
  • MOOC tour
  • Being social
Q&A with Ryan Tracey
  • Do MOOCs democratise education?
  • Is the pedagogy of MOOCs flawed?
  • Does the low completion rate matter?
  • Are MOOCs financially viable?
  • Will MOOCs replace universities?
  • What opportunities do MOOCs afford the corporate sector?
  • What tips can you offer teachers of MOOCs?
  • What tips can you offer L&D professionals in organisations?
  • What tips can you offer participants in MOOCs?
  • What is the future of MOOCs?
  • Readings and web links
  • Farewell