Welcome to the Course
  • Introduction
The World of Fashion
  • Fashion and working trends
  • Types of housing
  • Entertainment
  • Types of housing
How Science and Technology relates to fashionism?
  • Science and Technology
  • Advantages and disadvantages about science and technology
  • Science and technology in fashionism
  • Science and Technology
Grammar: Relative clauses
  • What is a relative clause?
  • Types of relative clauses
  • Relative clauses with "who" and "that"
  • Relative clauses
Grammar: Adjectives
  • What is an adjective?
  • The different degrees of adjectives
  • How to make comparisons?
  • adjectives review
Passive voice
  • What is the passive voice?
  • Difference between active and passive voice
  • Passive voice in the past tense
  • English Voices