Introduction To JavaScript
  • What You Will Be Learning Throughout This Course
  • Creating Your Very First JavaScript Program!
  • Some Examples of Good Text Editors For Coding
  • What Is JavaScript and Some Live Examples of It On The Web
  • How to access the external files for each lesson of this course
  • Javascript Basics
  • How To Link an External JavaScript File From an HTML Document
  • What Is The JavaScript Console?
  • JavaScript Console Challenge, Can You Debug This Program?
  • The Solution To The Problem
  • Summary of our Introduction To JavaScript
  • How To Ask For Help?
Using Variables and Storing Information
  • What is a Variable?
  • How To Assign Names To Your Variables
  • An Introduction to Strings and Numbers
  • How To Capture Input From a Visitor
  • Combining Strings Together
  • Working With Strings In Further Details
  • The Variable Coding Challenge
  • Solution to The Variable Coding Challenge
  • Quiz on Variables and Section 2
Working With Numbers In JavaScript
  • What Are Numbers?
  • How We Do Math In JavaScript
  • Numbers and Calculations
  • Working With The Math Object
  • The Numbers Challenge
  • Solution To The Numbers Challenge
  • Review For Working With Numbers
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