Introduction to Organizing Your Effort For The Ladypreneur
  • Introduction
  • An Overview of Organizing Your Effort For The Ladypreneur
  • The Plight Of The Ladypreneur
  • Section 1 Quiz
How The Sales Funnel Is The Gateway For A Better Business
  • Who Uses Sales Funnels And Why You Should Too
  • The Definition Of A Sales Funnel
  • How To Create A Sales Funnel That Fits Your Business
  • How A Sales Funnel Could Work For Your Business
  • Section 2 Quiz
The Inner Workings Of The Sales Funnel As It Applies To Your Business.
  • Bottom Line On Adding A Sales Funnel To Your Business
  • The Front And The Back End Of Your Sales Funnel
  • Grasping The Concepts And The Improved Ability To Serve Customers/Clients
  • What Sales Funnels And Increased Organization Mean For You As A Ladypreneur
  • Section 3 Quiz
Bridging The Gap
  • How The Ladypreneur Can Use The Sales Funnel To Position For Profit
  • Introduction To Positioning For Profit For The Ladyprenuer
  • Section 4 Quiz