Welcome to theVIOLINcode!
  • Introduction
  • Parts of the Violin and Basics of Sound Production
  • Sound Production on Violin
Bow Hold Fundamentals
  • Position of the Right-Hand Thumb
  • Flexion, Extension, and Rotation of the Arms
Bow Hold Exercises
  • Exercises for Correct Thumb Position
  • Position of the Right-Hand Fingers
  • Exercises for Comfortable Bow Hold
  • Role of Each Finger
  • Bow Hold Traditions
  • Exercises for Flexibility of the Wrist
Arm Anatomy and Proper Arm Movement
  • Arm Anatomy
  • Proper Arm Movement - part 1
  • Proper Arm Movement - part 2
  • Time to measure your progress. Record yourself teaching what you learned so far.
Unit 2 Preview | Holding the Violin | Posture and Body Alignment
  • Posture
  • Finding the Correct Body Alignment
  • Bonus Lecture: What's next?