The Beginning
  • Introduction
  • What all you need?
  • Intro to XCode Playground
First Class Functions
  • How we pass arguments?
  • Passing functions as arguments
  • Functions As First Class Values
  • Functions as arguments
Higher Order Functions
  • Finding sum of squares and triples
  • Identifying the common pattern
  • Higher-Order Functions.
  • Functions are very small units
  • Higher Order Functions
Composing Functions
  • Composing Functions
  • Function Composition Definition.
  • Defining new operator for function Composition.
  • Unix Philosophy
  • Composing Functions
  • Find a tables of a given number
  • Whats wrong with our code?
  • Introducing Closure!
  • Closure: Remembers where its born
  • Using Swift syntax to create functions
  • Closures
  • Rewriting our tables API using currying!
  • Currying Definition.
  • Currying leads to Composition
  • Currying
  • More to follow!