• About your course
  • The course syllabus: download it now!
  • Course objectives
Traveling changes your life
  • Traveling changes your life
  • Why will traveling change your life?
  • Our experience & our journeys
  • Why should you travel?
  • Why should you travel?
  • Tips to be a happy traveler and make your dreams come true
Plan, calculate, book (reservation)
  • Find dream destinations
  • Select the travel period and the country
  • Find cheap flight tickets
  • Find accommodation at a reasonable price
  • Transportation (on site)
  • Insurance and vaccination
  • How to save money before traveling?
Save on expenses
  • Money and curencies
  • Pass(es) and coupons
  • Useful tips - luggage
  • Other ways to save money during your journey
  • BONUS lecture