Format and Appearance
  • New Document Dialogue
  • Editing Document Setup
  • Editing Preferences Part 1
  • Editing Preferences Part 2
  • Format and Appearance Resources
Working With Artboards
  • Fun With The Artboard Tool
  • Artboards For Maximum Productivity
  • Artboard Resources
Setting Up Your Workspace
  • Exploring The Workspace
  • Owning Your Workspace(s) For Maximum Productivity
  • Workspace Resources
Template For Success
  • Template Basics
  • Templating For Success Part 1: Gather Resources
  • Templating For Success Part 2: Altogether Now
  • Template Resources
Complete Resources
  • Full Resources List HERE
Bonus Lessons
  • Bonus Lesson: Take 7 Art-Related Courses Free!!
  • Learn Image Trace: Inside and Out! [Bonus Lesson via Vectorize Anything Course]