• Introduction Video
  • Course Overview
  • Tools and plugins used (optional)
Getting set up with Typescript in React
  • What is typescript and why use it
  • Adding typescript to create-react-app
  • Adding typescript to react with babel and webpack
  • Adding typescript to react with babel and webpack part 2
  • Quick look into a type definition file (optional)
Project 1: Simple todo list
  • The useState hook and the type alias
  • The difference between and type and interface
  • Removing todos and finishing off our app
  • Cheeky plug
Project 2: Favourite Rick and Morty episode picker
  • A run-through of react context (optional)
  • Introduction to the Redux principles
  • The useReducer hook (optional)
  • Creating our reducer
  • Before the next video
  • Creating an action
  • Showing our store data
  • Adding a favourites button
  • Removing favourites
  • Lazy loading our episodes
  • Routing with Reach Router
  • Creating a file for our actions
  • Final bits of polish
Final words
  • Thanks and good luck