• Introduction
  • Lab setup
Ubuntu Server
  • What is Ubuntu Server?
  • Installing Ubuntu Server
  • Connecting with SSH for initial configuration
  • Automatic Security updates
Securing and Monitoring Your Server
  • Configuring remote access with SSH
  • Configuring the firewall
  • Exploring the logs
  • Monitoring the server
Configuring and Managing the Server
  • Configuring networking with Netplan
  • Process and resource management
  • Service management
  • Managing users
Exploring Common Services
  • Installing and configuring an HTTP server
  • Securing an HTTP server with TLS
  • Installing and configuring MySQL
  • Hosting an application
  • Dual Boot Ubuntu and windows 10 demo
  • Useful Ubuntu 18 commands demos
  • Very important Demo for Ubuntu
  • Install LAMP stack (Apache,mysql,Linux,php)
  • Linux very useful commands demo
  • How to install moodle on ubuntu 18 step by step demo