• Introduction
Find the right equipment
  • Equipment you will need
  • Recommended microphones
  • Recommended cameras
  • Recommended lighting
  • Create your shopping list
Set up your equipment
  • Insights from the instructor community
  • Activity: Learn from the instructor community
  • Insights from Paul Jenkins - Recording with an iPad
  • Insights from Alexa Fischer - A tripod for your phone
  • Insights from Shani Raja - Lighting setup
  • Insights from Maximilian Schwarzmüller - Screencast videos
  • Insights from David Power - Good rooms for recording
  • No-shame hacks for your studio
  • Activity: Insights from you!
Get ready to film
  • Recording a test video
  • Activity: Record your test video
  • Export your videos
  • Troubleshoot your videos
  • You're finished!
  • Bonus lecture: Teaser - Move on to our course on "Editing your Videos"