Introduction to Medium Platform
  • What will you learn
  • Introduction to MEDIUM Platform
  • should i join the medium partner program?
  • Medium Profile Overview
  • Udemy rating and reviews
Medium stats and how to start writing their very first blog in Medium
  • Medium Stats detailed
  • Grammarly Introduction
  • How to write for Medium
  • run your blog on medium:How to import other articles to medium
  • Make a medium Podcast using
  • Share your articles through Smedian
Medium publications in detail
  • Publications in detail:medium top publications
How to generate ideas
  • Learn basic SEO
  • How to generate ideas using various tools and techniques
  • Blinkist and best books for comprehension of the books and for revision
  • using pocket and evernote for saving blogging idea and using in your writing
How to get noticed on Medium: genuinely connect with other fellow bloggers
  • medium strategies:how to get noticed in medium
Using canava for creating good looking posts
  • Add a splash of colour to your designs using Canava
The importance of headlines
  • Headlines are the most important part of your blog post
  • Conclusion