• Overview of Solve
  • Example Solve of Cube
  • Before We Start Solving: The Basics
  • Algorithm Notation (Faces Of The Cube)
  • Color Orientation of The Cube
Step 1: Solving The Cross
  • The Cross
Step 2: The First Layer
  • Completing The First Layer
Step 3: The Second Layer
  • Completing The Second Layer
  • Tips For Solving The Second Layer
Step 4: The Top Cross
  • Overview Of Top Cross
  • Case 1 Solve: Half Cross
  • Case 2 Solve: Straight Line
  • Case 3 Solve: Center Piece Only
  • Aligning The Edge Pieces For The Solve!
Solving The Cube!
  • The Last Step: Solving The Corner Pieces
Bonus Content
  • Complete Walkthrough Example Solve (Slow With Algorithms)
  • Complete Walkthrough Example Solve (Faster No Algorthims Shown)