Introduction to the course
  • Introduction
Hypothyroidism 101
  • What is thyroid gland and what does thyroid hormone do?
  • How to understand thyroid function test?
  • How do I know if I have hypothyroidism?
  • I am tired, gained weight and lost hair, do I have hypothyroidism?
  • What cause hypothyroidism?
  • Does positive thyroid antibody matter?
  • How is thyroid nodule related to hypothyroidism?
Treating hypothyroidism
  • Why treating hypothyroidism?
  • How to treat hypothyroidism?
  • How to take levothyroxine?
  • Are brand name thyroid pills better than generic levothyroxine?
  • Should I take T3 or natural thyroid product?
  • What to do if I become pregnant?
  • Can I change my diet to help hypothyroidism?
Hypothyroidism in real life
  • Hypothyroidism real patient examples
  • Useful internet resource