Welcome to Unleash Your Forehand Course
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Module 1: Understanding The Core Ideas Of A Perfect Forehand
  • The 6 Big Core Ideas
  • The importance of correct grip
  • The backswing
  • Positioning and hitting the ball in front
  • Angle of the racket face
  • Racket drop and high net clearance
  • Finish the shot
Module 2: Step-by-Step Progressions
  • Step-by-step progression with my student
  • Push and roll the ball
  • Why place the index finger inside the throat of the racket
  • Learn how to do self feeding
  • Add the backswing
  • Practice self feeding
  • Practice with choked up grip
  • Understand the positioning
  • Hitting balls that are coming to you
  • Using the full grip
  • Hitting balls that are coming from the opposite side
  • Play short court tennis
  • Tips for playing short court tennis
Module 3: Forehand Footwork
  • Why footwork is important
  • Different types of stances
  • What is good footwork
  • Use of the open stance
  • Use of the semi-open stance
  • Use of the neutral stance
  • Use of the closed stance
  • Roger Federer's footwork
Module 4: Common Mistakes
  • Off hand position mistake
  • Half swing and hugging mistake
Bonus: PDF Checklist For Quick References
  • Infographic: 4 steps to troubleshooting your tennis forehand