How I created this course in 5 hours?
  • What should you expect from this course?
  • What made me build this course?
  • The Secret of publishing your course
  • Do you know what this course is all about?
Create the right Psychology
  • How to Binge work
  • Trick your brain to stay motivated
  • Activity TIme - 1
  • How to build the right mindset and trick your brain?
  • Why you need to become an idea machine?
  • How to become an idea machine?
  • How to outline a course?
  • How to plan out the hours?
  • Setting up your Tool Arsenal
  • Productive Window and NLP Trick
  • What's your Motivational Factor?
  • Visualization Techniques
  • Presentation, Screencapture or Live lecture?
  • An Overview of Upcoming Lectures
Editing phase
  • Use Audacity like a PRO (Tutorial)
  • An Overview of Upcoming Lectures
What's next?
  • Conclusion- What you need to know ?
  • Min Requirements for a Udemy course
Weekly Q&A Session
  • This is how a Q&A Session will look like
  • Q&A Session 1 (30th March 2015)