An introduction to this course
  • Introduction to USA 1930-2000
USA 1930-2000; a country in transition
  • How did the Great Depression effect American Society?
  • What did Roosevelt do in his first 100 days?
  • What was the New Deal and what were the alphabet agencies?
  • Who opposed the New Deal?
  • Was the New Deal a success or a failure?
  • What was McCarthyism?
  • How did the lives of women in the USA change from 1945-2000?
  • Kennedy's "New Frontier" and Johnson's "Great Society"
  • Nixon and Watergate
  • Reagan and Reaganomics
USA 1930-2000; life for Black Americans
  • What was life like for black people in 1930’s America?
  • Was World War 2 a turning point for black people in the USA?
  • Was the Montgomery bus boycott a turning point for Black people?
  • How significant was education to the civil rights movement?
  • Who was Martin Luther King?
  • What was the Black Power movement?