• Introduction
Planning a Lesson Digitally
  • An Introduction to Digital Lesson Planning
  • Gather Resources with Google Keep!
  • Find a New Life for your Paper Resources
  • Create a Collaborative Digital Lesson Plan
  • Concluding the Lesson Planning Stage
  • Are you ready to create a digital lesson plan?
Implementing a Lesson
  • An Introduction to Implementing a Lesson Digitally
  • Maximizing Instructional Time with Recorded Directions
  • Get Students Excited by Recording Words of Encouragement
  • Walk Students through Digital Resources
  • Concluding the Implementation Stage
  • Implementing a Lesson
Creating Engaging Learning Experiences
  • An Introduction to Creating Learning Experiences
  • Create a Lesson Roadmap with Google Sheets
  • Monitor Student Productivity
  • Increase Student Collaboration with Google Slides
  • Student Explanations with Google Slides
  • Using My Maps to Make Learning Real
  • Using My Maps to Foster Powerful Teacher/Student Relationships
  • Create Student Portfolios with Google Sites
  • Wrapping Up Learning Experiences
Providing Quality, Actionable Feedback
  • An Introduction to Providing Digital Feedback
  • Using Google Classroom to Provide Feedback as Students Work
  • Effective Feedback in Google Slides
  • Concluding the Feedback Stage
Create Telling Digital Assessments
  • An Introduction to Assessing Students Digitally
  • Using Screencastify and Google Forms for Informal Check-Ins
  • Creating Quick Assessments with Google Forms
  • Get Creative with Video Assessments!
  • Re-Teaching within Google Forms
  • Concluding the Assessment Phase
Reflecting on a Lesson
  • An Introduction to Reflection
  • Reflecting as a Teacher
  • Pushing Students to Reflect
  • Concluding the Reflection Stage
Concluding the Course
  • Concluding the Course