Introduction: Welcome to the World!
  • Introduction
  • Key facts about LinkedIn
  • LinkedIn Facts
Your Social Media Comfort Level
  • Your Social Media Comfort Level
  • Social Media Comfort Level
Hit the Ground Running: Accounts, Controls, and Best Practices
  • Paid vs. Free Accounts
  • Roadmap for LinkedIn's Home Page
  • Basic Account Settings
  • Privacy Settings and What They Really Mean
  • Sneaky Communication Settings
  • Overview of the privacy settings
  • Account Settings Quiz
Creating a Dynamic LinkedIn profile
  • Resumes vs. LinkedIn Profiles
  • Profile Elements: Your Name, Picture, Backgrounds, and Headlines
  • Choosing and Uploading a Photo
  • Profile Elements: Custom URL and Contact Information
  • Profile Elements: Your Summary
  • Profile Elements: Making Your Experience Memorable
  • Profile Elements: Skills and Endorsements
  • Profile Elements: Bonus Material
  • Uploading Your Profile
  • Profile Elements Quiz
Become Outstanding on LinkedIn
  • Uploading Media and Other Content
Searching and Being Found
  • Concepts of Searching
  • Conducting an Effective Search
  • Using Company Pages to Find Key Managers
  • Concepts of Searching
Growing and Managing Your Network
  • Let's Start Networking!
  • Managing Your Invitations
  • The Cardinal Sin That Everyone Commits: Generic Greetings
  • Sending a Custom Invitation
  • Importing Your Contacts
  • Managing Your Network
  • Removing a Connection (aka "Unfriending")
You've Got InMail
  • Messaging and InMails
  • More on Messaging and InMails
  • Messaging and InMails
Groups: Where All the Magic Happens
  • Introduction to Groups
  • Groups You Should Join - and Why
  • Roadmap for the Groups
  • Finding and Joining New Groups
  • Group Settings That REALLY Matter
  • Connecting to a Fellow Group Member
  • Building Your Reputation in the Groups
  • Groups Quiz
LinkedIn Job Postings
  • Finding and Applying to Jobs
  • Using the Job Preferences for a Hidden Job Search
  • LinkedIn Job Postings
Final Thoughts
  • Final Thoughts