Introduction To Graphic Design With Vectr
  • Welcome to Vectr Course: Beginner's Guide
  • Vectr Graphics Editor Overview
  • Graphic Design Core Concepts
Getting Started with Vectr
  • Creating An Account With Vectr
  • Dashboard Navigation
  • Vectr Editor Introduction
  • Work Canvas: Pages And Layers
Creating Graphic Designs With Vectr
  • Selecting, Resizing And Rotating Designs
  • Workspace Tools: Flip Tools, Geometry Tools, Forward/Backward
  • Editing Paths
  • Editing Images
  • Editing Text
  • Rounding Corners
  • Grouping Layers
Filters And Backgrounds In Vectr
  • Using Filters
  • Adding Backgrounds
  • Borders And Shadows
Exporting And Sharing Your Work
  • Exporting Options
  • Social And Direct URL Sharing In Vectr
  • Thank You For Learning Graphic Design With Vectr!