Section 1: Overview of VHDL Programming Language, Quatrus Prime Tool
  • Introduction to VHDL and Overview of Quartus Prime Tool
Section 2: Simulating the VHDL Design with Modelsim & Quartus VWF
  • Simulation of NAND Gate with Quartus Prime & Modelsim
  • Simulation of VHDL Design with Vector Waveform Generator: Overview
  • Basic Logic Gate [AND+OR] Design & Simulation with VWF
Section 3: Conditional Statements in VHDL [if,else,case]
  • Conditional Statements in VHDL and Decoder Design Lab
Section 4: Combinatorial Circuit Design with VHDL
  • Combinatorial Circuit Design
Section 5: Structural Modeling in VHDL
  • Structural Modeling: Design of Full adder using half adder
Section 6: Sequential Circuit Design in VHD
  • Sequential Circuit Design in VHDL
Section 7: Finite State Machine Implementation on VHDL
  • Finite State Machine Design