• Contents of the Course
  • Short Overview of InVideo
  • Setting Up Work with InVideo
Design of the Lecture
  • Source Files - from Article to Script
  • The Story - Easy Way
  • Listicle Templates
  • Creating the Headline Scene
  • Story Type Scene
  • Adding an Empty Template
  • A Quote Type of a Scene
  • Adding Own Media to a Scene
  • Question Type of a Scene
  • Listicle Item Type
  • Adding Several Elements to a Scene
  • Working with Text Templates and Timeline
  • Duplicate the Similar Scenes
  • Adding an Animation to a Shape
  • Repetition of the Scenes
  • Working with Text and Layers
  • Creating the Summary Scenes
Adding a Voiceover and BG Music
  • Trimming the Scene Timing
  • Auto Voiceover
  • Adding VO from Computer
  • Proceed Adding VO and Useful Tip
  • If the Scene Video Shorter than VO
  • Finishing Up VO Adding
  • Editing the BG Music
  • Exporting Video - Final
Extended Overview of InVideo Online Video Maker
  • Pre-Made Templates
  • Article to Video
  • Video Formats and Categories
  • Special Edition Category
  • Blank Templates
  • Pricing Plans
  • Additional Features of InVideo Pricing Plans
Bonus Lecture
  • Bonus Lecture