Course introduction - Setting up your Computer and Tips for working efficiently
  • Udemy Course Promo Video Making for Beginners An Youtube Secrets for Traffic
  • Video Making For Beginners And Youtube Secrets for Traffic - Course Overview
  • How to get software for your computer without unwanted add ons
  • Online White Board to Share Info in Real Time
  • How to create folders to organize your projects
  • How to Convert Text to Audio in Multiple languages
  • Free Site that turns your Voice into Text
  • 4 Steps to Creating Online Videos
  • Search Multiple Drives on your computer
  • Open a Gmail Account to access all Google Products especially You Tube
Equipment I recommend to Record Video and Audio
  • High Definition Webcam that I use and is suitable for Udemy video uploads
  • Logitech h540 headset that I use
  • Other Options to use for HD video recording
  • Recording HD Quality
Software to Record Screen Cast Videos and Screen Capture Images
  • Cool Screen Capture and Screen Editor for you to check out
  • Free Screen Capture Software that records your screen and microphone
  • Screen Capture with your Google Chrome Browser
  • A Quick Peek Inside Techsmith's Camtasia 2019
  • Video using and screencast-o-matic
  • Free site for Designing Video Thumbnails, Slides, Social Media, book covers etc
  • How to make Text Logos and PNG Transparencies to put over your videos
Where to Make or Get Images and Music for your slide presentations and videos
  • Almost Everything you need all in the one aggregate site, for your video making
  • Where to get Totally Free images, vector graphics, videos & illustrations to use
  • Where to Get Images for your Slide Presentation Videos
  • Another Site That Offers Free Images For Your Projects
  • How to edit your images online with a Free Fully Featured Photo editor
  • Where to get Free Music for your Video Production
  • How to Get FREE Music and More with Facebook Business Creator Studio
  • Where you can buy Royalty Free Music and sound effects
How to Make Slide Show Presentations with Free Software - Open Office Impress
  • Fonts and Dingbat Downloads to make interesting slides
  • Open Office Text Animation with Fonts downloaded from the web
  • One Slide Video with Callouts and Camtasia Editing
  • Zoom and Cursor Effects for the one slide video
  • How to make a video Slide Show using Open Office Presentation
Online Methods to Make Videos - Screen Capture - Slide Presentations - Animation
  • How to Make Online Slide Presentations for Your Videos and Courses
  • What is the name of Google's Online document creation site?
Video Editing Studio software that I use
  • Download this Free Fully Featured Video Editor
  • Sample Clip Using Full Featured Free Video Editing Software
  • Free Video editor still in alpha development phase
  • Wondershare Filmora Update and ultimate video converter features
  • Review of Wondershare video editor now called Filmora
  • How to Download mp4 videos from Youtube, facebook ,vimeo and other sites
  • Demonstration of GIF videos added as overlays in Camtasia
  • How to export HD Video in 1280 x 720 px in the editors
Making of an Actual Client's Video using Powerpoint and Camtasia
  • Making of a client video using Powerpoint and Camtasia
  • How to join video clips from an iPhone using a PC Computer
You Tube Secrets for Traffic
  • Setting up a You Tube Channel
  • How to get your Videos Found by search Engines like Youtube, Google,Yahoo & Bing
  • Youtube Partner Program and Finding the Youtube Channel set up for you to use
  • Video Sharing With Youtube Beta allows you to share direct to individuals easily
  • YouTube Video Manager for editing and enhancements
  • Verify your YouTube Account to access more features
  • Longtail Keyword Title to get found on the search engines
  • Setting a custom Thumbnail for a Video in YouTube
  • Sharing Videos Direct from Youtube to Social Networks
  • Subscribe to each others channels and view each others videos
  • What are the basic things you need to do to get found on Youtube
Conclusion and Summary of Main Points and Websites
  • Summary of Websites Recommended for this Udemy Course
  • Where to Get Video Animations Intros Outros Fb Covers for just a few dollars
  • Where you can get Logos, video animations and voice overs for a low cost.
  • Bonus Video and Free Software for My Udemy Students