Introduction To Video Marketing Scholars Free Mini-Course
  • Introduction From The Video Marketing Scholars
Keyword Research
  • Why Is Keyword Research Your Key To Success
  • Why Can't I Choose The Keywords I Want?
3 Components Of Meta-Data
  • Don't Bother Creating Videos Unless You Do These 3 Things
  • Why Your Meta-Description Matters
100 Plus Videos
  • Why Should You Create 100 Videos For Your Business?
  • What Can Your YouTube Video Title Do For You?
The Influence Of Google And YouTube
  • How Do Google And YouTube Influence Your Rankings
  • Do You Need SEO Services To Win At Search Engine Optimization?
You'll Never Get Found
  • 3 Reasons You'll Never Get Your Video Ranked Number One
  • The Video Marketing Scholars Mini-Course Quiz
Royalty-Free Music
  • How To Add Royalty Free Music To Your Videos First Lecture
  • Dracula And Johann Sebastian Bach