• Introduction
Advice to Live by
  • Always Borrow Money from a Pessimist
  • Check your Pulse
  • If Somebody Talks Behind your Back...
  • Smile, while You Still Have Teeth
  • Section Two Quiz
Dealing with Life's Little Problems
  • I'm so Jealous of my Parents
  • My Brain is Full
  • Just Breathing
  • Don't Give up on Your Dreams
  • Section Three Quiz
Food and Eating
  • Why is there a Light-bulb in the Refrigerator?
  • My Wallet is an Onion
  • See-Food Diet
  • Fat! Me? No!
  • Section Four Quiz
Playful Insults
  • A Great Face for Radio
  • Full of Yourself
  • Son of a Bacon Bit
  • You Don't Need a Hairstylist
  • Section Five Quiz
A Wild and Crazy World
  • God Created the World...
  • How can I Make this Guy be Quiet?
  • Taxed to Death
  • If Plan A Fails...
  • Section Six Quiz
Defending Yourself
  • I'm not Clumsy!
  • I'm not Lazy!
  • The Only Thing I Like about my Job
  • I'm not Old!
  • Section 7 Quiz
Expressing Romantic Interest/Pick-up Lines
  • You're Giving me a Toothache!
  • Rearranging the Alphabet
  • In my Dreams
  • Your To-Do List
  • Section Eight Quiz
More Pick-up LInes
  • My Phone Has a Problem
  • Infected with that New Disease
  • Drive me Crazy
  • Your Hand Looks Heavy
  • Can I Take your Picture?
  • Section Nine Quiz
Clever One-Liners
  • Why would the Week say "WTF"?
  • On the Other Hand...
  • An Apple a Day...
  • Working in a Mirror Factory
  • Section Ten Quiz