Getting Started
  • Introduction to the course
  • How vMix fits into the market
  • Setting up your software
  • vMix Interface Overview
  • vMix Settings and Overview Part 2
  • Enabling your Graphic Card... vMix wants NVIDIA!
Feature Review
  • Capturing Content - Adding Inputs
  • Titles and Overlays
  • Recording Video - While Streaming
  • Streaming with vMix
  • All about CDNs
  • Connecting vMix to a Video Conferencing Software
  • Connecting to vMix to Zoom
  • vMix Call - Video Calling Input for vMix 19
  • PTZ Camera Controls in vMix
  • Working with Images
  • vMix Web Controller
  • Stingers and Transition Effects
  • vMix Shortcuts
  • Working with Video Lists
  • Using an iPad with vMix for PTZ Camera Control
  • All About Cameras - Chroma Key, PTZ Control and more...
  • Working with Audio
  • vMix Multiview Input Feature
Advanced Training
  • Building Camera Shots / Scenes
  • vMix PTZ Camera Control w/ Playlist Feature
  • Bandwidth Testing Before Streaming
  • Virtual Sets Overview
  • Setting up a Virtual Set
  • Using vMix Virtual Sets with Multiple Camera Angles
  • Masking PTZ Camera Movement Between Presets
  • vMix Multiview Output Feature
  • Using vMix Data Sources
  • Behind the Scenes w/ PTZOptics live show
XKeys Control Surfaces and Buttons
  • xKeys Introduction to using buttons to control vMix and cameras
  • Using xKeys Control Surface with vMix
  • How to broadcast "Television" Style
Hosting your own talk show and Video Conferencing with the power of vMix
  • How to bring vMix into Skype (or other video conference software)
  • How to bring Skype into vMIx and host a live talk show
  • How to create Virtual Sets in vMix and use them in Zoom