• Introduction to IC design components
Steps to install open-source EDA tools on Ubuntu
  • Download oracle virtual box and ubuntu
  • Configure virtual box to add ubuntu ISO
  • Generic steps to start ubuntu installation
  • Setup ubuntu, launch terminal and install git
  • Clone vsdflow, learn chmod, and install vim
  • Understand basic UNIX commands and execute vsdflow
  • Observing cmake installation and lock/unlock screen
  • Observing yosys, graywolf, qrouter, netgen magic, qflow installation
  • Observing openSTA and Opentimer installation with fast-forward edit
  • Test opensource EDA tool installation using vsdflow and spi_slave design
  • Debug qflow gui error, implement solution and test
Steps to install open-source EDA tools on CentOS
  • Download oracle virtual box and CentOS7
  • Configure virtual box to mount and install CentOS
  • Setup CentOS, launch terminal, install git and clone vsdflow
  • Understand basic CentOS commands for installation and execute vsdflow
  • Observing yosys, graywolf, qrouter, netgen, magic, qflow installation
  • Strategy and steps to debug error, if any
  • Debug graywolf errors and test opensource tool installation using vsdflow
Back-up Videos for learning individual packages installation
  • How to install virtual box?
  • How to install ngSpice?
  • How to install MAGIC layout editor?
  • How to install Opentimer STA tool?
  • How to install eSim schematic editor?
  • How to install Yosys Synthesis Tool?