Welcome to the MasterClass
  • Playbook of Trading Titans- Terrence Hooi
The $10k per Day Income Portfolio
  • Making $10,600 Per Day Live ~ A Day in the life of an Options Trader
  • the LiveTradr.com optimised Income Portfolio
Playbook of Trading Titans
  • The Zen of Trading
  • Before you dive in, we have a few recommendations for getting the most out of it
8 Wisdoms of Trading
  • Maximise Gains, not the Number of Wins
Qualities of Successful Traders
  • Developing a Trading Career
  • Sometimes Action is More Important than Prudence
The 5 Step Process
  • Good Trading Should be Effortless
  • Derive a Method
Designing a Portfolio
  • Think Twice before the market lets you off the hook easily
  • The Markets are an Expensive Place to Look for Excitement
  • Introduction
  • History of Options, How to place a Call /Put using the ThinkoSwim platform
  • Wall Street Market Makers- Four Basic Options Risk Profile
  • Trading the Flow : the Implied Volatility Checklist
  • Vertical Spread Trading
  • Asset Allocation- Minimizing your portfolio risk while keeping the Upside
  • Playing to Win
Wall Street Market Making
  • Tools of Hedge Fund Titans
  • 3 Step Butterfly Spread
  • 3 Steps process of establishing a Vertical Spread
  • how to establish an Advanced Broken Wing Butterfly Spread
  • LIVE: Closing a $30,898 SPX Put Option
  • Adv. Portfolio Optimization: Tiering Entry & Exits
Using Elliot wave to gauge Market Psychology
  • Wall Street Market Making - Adv. Technique 1 & 2
  • Elliot Wave Analysis : The Dow Theory used by Goldman Sachs, BlackRock
  • Hedge Fund Trader Secrets: Designing an All Seasons Portfolio
  • Elliot Wave Combined with Fibonnacci Analysis