..where you learn to built basic Web Apps in PHP within under 2 hours!
  • Fastest way to learn Web App Development. Introduction to the Course.
  • Setting up. Using basic Web UI components.
  • Static UI Components: Buttons, Labels, Menus, Tabs
  • Interactive UI: Tables, Grids, Forms
  • Building User Admin page with CRUD, MySQL, Forms and Tables
..where we build "The Party App" from scratch and deploy it online using Heroku.
  • Party App
  • Cloud Services
  • Party App Demo
  • Average age
..where we build "Money Lending" app from scratch (Part1)
  • New app. Introduction to Relations.
  • MySQL Workbench
  • Admin for Users and Friends (CRUD)
  • References (relations)
  • Aggregating related records
  • Expressions - Math in SQL
  • Dive into ATK Data and PsySH
  • Send email from PHP and your own domain with MailJet
  • Make a login page, so that users could sign in and overview their transactions
..where we build User UI for the "Money Lending App" (part2)
  • Goals for this section
  • Add public page, menu, menu and short description
  • Create model sub-class - Admin
  • Regular User Authentication and Logout
  • Conditions and traversing references
  • Adding page to see loans to a friend
  • Custom HTML lister with card-view to display friend list
  • Friend details, showing loans, repayments and view with custom HTML
  • JS interactions, quick-add record (loans and repayments)
  • Deleting Friend records through a nice custom UI