Course Introduction
  • Welcome To This Course
  • E-Book Resources 2.0
The 25+ Guidelines Of Amazing Web Design
  • Introduction To Web Design
  • Beautiful Typography
  • Using Colors Like A Pro
  • The Meaning Of Colors In Web Design
  • Working With Images
  • Use CSS To Work With Images
  • Web Design Quiz 1
  • Working With Icons
  • Spacing And Layout
  • Introduction To User Experience
  • Getting Inspired: The Secret Ingredient For Stunning Web Design
  • Web Design Quiz 2
  • 8 Super Effective Ways To Improve Your Website’s Conversion
Course Summary
  • Wrapping Up What We’ve Learned
  • The Ultimate Cheatsheet: All Guidelines In One Place
  • Slides For This Course
  • Where To Go From Here?
  • Bonus Lecture