Introduction, Installation and Database Setup
  • Introduction
  • Install wampserver and RawPHP
  • Installation and setup
  • How to setup your database
  • Introduction to routing
  • Routing the home page
  • What is MVC?
Front end
  • How to add icons
  • Customizing frontend
  • How to change theme
  • How many free flat ui themes are available on Bootswatch homepage
  • User Authentication Run Through
  • What is the default username and password for admin and user login in RawPHP
Adding list of countries in the world and states to database
  • How to add list of countries to your database
  • Adding list of states/provinces and local governments
Building out Countries
  • Country Model
  • Country Controllers
  • Create countries routes
  • Create countries index.twig view
  • Create countries add.twig view
  • Create countries edit.twig view
  • Create countries edit page
  • Deleting a country
ORM and Database Queries
  • Introduction to Laravel ORM and CakePHP ORm
  • Introduction to Database Relationships
  • User edit redirect fix
  • Create dropdown list of countries
RawPHP Command Line Interface (CLI)
  • Install RawPHP CLI
  • How to create models
  • How to generate controllers from CLI
  • How to generate controllers [Part 2]
  • How to generate views from CLI
  • Generate states view
  • Add and edit pages
  • Add states menu
  • Add skills field to signup page
  • Add url to skills table
  • Create skills model and database relationships
  • Create skills controller and routes
  • List all skills
  • Defining Many-Many relationships in the model
  • List all user skills
  • Create the skills-user join table
  • Refractor skills create
  • Fix add skills age
  • Skills view page
  • List users in skills view
  • Create search model
  • create search controller
  • Fix search Controller add method
  • Search results add controller
  • Display user search results
  • Concluding search results page