• How to get help with this Course
  • Additional Course Materials and Code
Reactive Development (aka Optimal Dev Experience)
  • Up and Running with Webpack Dev Server
  • Our First Loaders for CSS
  • Better Errors and Loaders for HTML & Images
  • Babel Basics
  • Babel Polyfills, Transforms & Presets
  • DIY Webpack Dev Server with Express Middleware
  • Hot Reloading Both Client and Server with Nodemon
  • Debugging Node with Chrome DevTools
Choose Your Own Adventure
  • Hooking Up React
  • Hooking up React - Part 2: Stateful Reloading
  • Hooking up HTML Preprocessors like EJS/Pug/Handlebars
  • Hooking up CSS Preprocessors like SASS/LESS & Stylus
  • Hooking up Js in CSS with Emotion and CSS Modules
  • Hooking up Typescript
  • Hooking up Angular
  • Hooking up VueJS
Optimizing for Production
  • Setup Production Hosting with Heroku
  • Production Ready CSS
  • Stripping development-only Javascript with the DefinePlugin
  • Javascript Minification and Mangling with Babel and Uglify
  • Optimizing All Assets with GZip and Brotili Compression
  • Building out the Blog with React
  • Parsing Markdown for Blogging and Meta Data
  • SplitChunks and the Bundle Analyzer
Server-side Rendering & Dynamic Importing
  • Server-side Render JS with Express and React
  • Server-side Render any Filetype with Webpack
  • Unified Compilation - Part 1
  • Unified Compilation - Part 2
  • Adding Multiple Pages with React Router
  • Dynamic Import Syntax
  • React Universal Components
  • Async JS/CSS Chunk Loading in Parallel (aka the Holy Grail)
Building a Multi-Domain Site with Redux integration
  • 2 Strategies for Multiple-Domains in Development
  • Scoping Your Data per Domain
  • Theming CSS per Domain
  • Build out the Articles Pages for our 2 Heroes
  • Redux Basics: The store, the reducer and the action.
  • Fetching Articles from an API with Redux Thunk
  • Redux on the client. Finishing our Article fetch
  • Redux stores in the Server side render
  • Webpack 4 Upgrade Guide
  • What do you want to see next?