Getting Started with This Course
  • Introduction - Why This is the Course to Learn to Build a Responsive Website
  • See Samples of Responsive Websites I've Built for Clients
Getting Started with Your Responsive Website
  • Step 1: How to Sign Up for a Strikingly Account
  • Step 2: How to Use the Strikingly Dashboard
  • Step 3: How to Choose a Theme in Strikingly
  • Thanks for your feedback!
Adding Photos to Your Website
  • Step 4: How to Add a Cover Photo to Your Home Page Rotator
  • Step 5: Adding Additional Images to Your Rotating Slider
  • A Quick Request and How to Get a Free Udemy Course :)
  • Where to Find Royalty Free Images for Your Website
  • How to Save Photos You Like to Your Photo Gallery
Adding Additional Sections to Your Strikingly Website
  • Step 6: How to Add an About Section to Your Website
  • Step 7: How to Add a Photo Gallery to Your Website
  • Step 8: Adding an HD Video to Your Website
  • Step 9: Adding a Contact form to Your Strikingly Website
  • Step 10: Adding Social Media Follow Buttons to Your Website
  • How to Add Social Media Share Buttons on Your Website
Connecting Your Own Domain and Publishing Your Site Live
  • Step 11: How to Connect Your Website Domain to Your Strikingly Website
  • Step 12: How to Publish Your Live Website
  • Bonus Step: Update Your Site Settings and Keywords for Google SEO
Congratulations and Final Thoughts
  • Congratulations and Final Thoughts
  • Bonus: My Free 30 Day Home Business Startup Checklist