How Do Lean Principles Affect the Business Analysis Process?
  • Welcome to the Course
  • Four Philosophies Dominate Current IT Development
  • Potential Wastes in Business Analysis and Requirements Discovery
  • Six Lean Principles to Combat Waste in Business Analysis
  • The Shift Focus from Project to Product in Lean and Agile
Lean Requirements Are the Prime Deliverable of Lean Business Analysis
  • Requirements Constructs in an Agile, Lean Environment
  • Product Backlogs and Other Requirements Repositories and Kanban Boards
  • Manage (or Groom) and Seed Product Backlogs
  • Know When to Do What in a Lean and Agile World
What Lean Techniques Does the One Wearing the BA Hat Need?
  • Create and Use a Product Vision (Next Big Thing)
  • Define a Minimum Viable (Buyable) Product
  • Lean Requirements Communication Techniques
  • Lean Problem Analysis Reveals Business Needs
  • Write SMART Features, Requirements, User Stories, and Epics
  • Use Cynefin to Manage Uncertainty
  • Right-Size Epics, Features, User Stories, and Requirements
  • Develop, Present, and Analyze Visual Models
  • Acceptance or Business-Facing Testing
  • What Should You Do Now
  • Bonus Lecture: Special Offers