Tech Stuff You Need to Know to Make a Wise Decision
  • Course Intro: Distinction Between Video Stream & Video Files
  • Anatomy of a Video Camera: What's Inside That Matters Most
  • Most Common Video Camera Formats
Differentation Between Types of Video Cameras: Benefits and Limitations
  • Focus on Video Cameras/Camcorders
  • Focus on Digital Cameras/HDSLRs
  • Focus on Devices 1: Pocket Cameras
  • Focus on Devices 2: Action Cameras (GoPro Hero)
  • Focus on Devices 3: SmartPhones & Tablets (iPhone & iPad)
Additional Considerations in/for Your New Video Camera
  • Useful Camera Features & Functions
  • Camera Accessories Chet Recommends
  • Viewing, Sharing, and Preparing for Editing
Camera Specifications: Making Sense of the Mumbo-Jumbo
  • Understanding Camera Specifictations
  • Comparing Camera Specifications
  • Camera Manufacturer Websites
Conclusion & Additional Resources
  • Class Conclusion
  • Additional Classes from Chet Davis - Your Technology Tutor