WhatsApp Business API Overview
  • Introduction to WhatsApp API
  • Benefits of using WhatsApp API for Business Communication
  • Difference between WhatsApp Business and WhatsApp API Account
  • How to Apply for a WhatsApp API Account?
Guide to WhatsApp Message Broadcasts & Team Inbox
  • Explore WhatsApp Broadcast Messaging
  • Best Practices of WhatsApp Broadcast
  • How to Setup WhatsApp Broadcast on Wati
  • Collaborative Communication with Team Inbox
Introduction to No-Code Chatbots
  • Introduction to No-Code Chatbots
  • How to Create Your First WhatsApp Chatbot
All About Click to WhatsApp Ads
  • Understanding the concept of Click to WhatsApp ads
  • Create your First Click to WhatsApp Ads
Exploring WhatsApp Catalog
  • Leveraging Catalog for product and service showcase
  • Setup your First WhatsApp Catalog with Wati
Connecting WhatsApp & Shopify
  • Integrate WhatsApp and Shopify to Enhance E-commerce Experience
  • Setting up Wati and Shopify Integration
Additional Features to Explore
  • Create a WhatsApp Chat button for your website
  • WhatsApp Chat Link Generator
  • Conclusion to the Course