Introduction and course overview
  • Introduction and course overview
WSL introduction and architecture
  • WSL introduction and architecture
WSL prerequisites and installation
  • Prerequisites for Windows host system
  • Windows Terminal
  • WSL installation via GUI
  • WSL installation via PowerShell
Distribution installation and initialization
  • Installation of a distribution via Windows Store
  • Installation of a distribution via PowerShell
Distribution management and integration
  • Start, stop and interact with a distrubtion
  • Convert distribution from WSL version 1 to version 2
  • Open up WSL shells from everywhere
  • Run Windows commands in Linux and combine Windows and Linux commands
  • WSL file system integration
WSL usage for network pentest activities
  • WSL Work environment for a pentester
WSL usage for web development activities
  • Installing web development tools (Node.js & Express)
  • Create a HelloWorld Express web app and access it from Windows host
  • Visual Studio Code with WSL integration