• Introduction to Woocommerce Course
Technical Part: Domain, Hosting, SSL Certificate, FTP
  • Introduction
  • Buying Domain Name
  • Setting up Hosting Plan
  • Changing PHP Version And Server Scaling
  • Connecting Domain to hosting
  • How to Install SSL Certificate
  • Creating FTP Client Filezilla
Wordpress and Premium Themes
  • Wordpress Introduction
  • Wordpress Tour
  • Wordpress: Most Important Settings
  • Premium Themes Introduction
  • Buying a Premium Theme Important Factors
  • Installing a Premium Woocommerce Theme
  • Important Wordpress Plugins
Creating Categories, Menus, Pages, Homepage, and Working With Demo Content
  • Creating Woocommerce Stores' Pages
  • Creating Product Categories
  • Creating Main Menu
  • Create and Edit a Footer Meniu
  • Editing Header
  • Creating Fresh Homepage
  • Edit Demo Pages
  • Editing Footer
  • Woocommerce Introduction
  • Woocommerce Tour
  • Adding Shipping Zones
  • Adding Payment Gateways
  • Adding Simple Product
  • Adding Variable Product
  • Coupons and Discount Codes
Customizing Your Store
  • Adding Logo and Choosing Matching Colours
  • Changing Themes' Style With Matching Colours
  • Adding Elements to Homepage
  • Adding Social Media Links
  • Customizing a Premium Theme
  • Add Information to About, Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy, and etc. Pages
Creating Business Email and SMTP
  • SMTP Settings (Emailing System)
  • Business Email Set up
Alidropship Dropshipping Plugin
  • Introduction
  • What is Alidropship Plugin
  • Alidropship Plugin and Extension Installation
  • Alidropship Settings
  • Alidropship Cashback
  • Adding Products With Alidropship
  • Fulfilling Orders With Alidropship Plugin
Google Analytics, Search Console, Facebook Pixel, Claiming Pinterest
  • Adding Google Search Console
  • Adding Google Analytics
  • Adding Facebook Pixel
  • Pinterest: How to Claim Your Wesbite
Free Themes and Final Thoughts
  • Working With Free Themes Final Thoughts
  • How to Select a Good Supplier
  • Congratulations!