WordPress Backup And Restore Fundamentals
  • Course Introduction
  • Locally hosted WordPress
  • Why do you need a backup ?
  • What to backup ?
Manual backup and restore
  • Manual WordPress backup
  • Backup WordPress using FTP
  • Manual Database backup
  • Manual Database delete
  • Manual deleting WordPress blog
  • WordPress download and install
  • Restoring the Database
Backing up using WordPress plugins
  • WordPress Plugins - What to look for
  • WordPress plugins discussed in this course
  • Installing and configuring BackUpWordpress plugin
  • Installing WordPress Backup to Dropbox plugin
  • Creating a Dropbox account
  • Plugin authorizing and creating first backup
  • Post creating first backup and navigating Dropbox folders
  • Plugin settings panel after first run
  • Dropbox file versioning
  • Backing up to other cloud services
  • Premium backup plugins and services
  • The end
  • Bonus Lecture