• What are the differences between Posts & Pages in WordPress?
  • Overview of the wordpress post/page editor
  • How to take your site offline from visitors/Make it under construction mode
Working with Wordpress
  • Setup a beautiful design/selecting a theme for your site
  • Make your website look more like a website and less like a blog page
  • How to setup a seperate blog page for your website
  • How to copy content from one site to another using the WordPress export-import
  • How to setup the navigation menu of Wordpress
  • How to update the Wordpress Version
Taking it to the next level
  • How to handle spam comments with Akismet plug-in
  • Contact form 1 - Adding a contact form into your site
  • Contact form 2 - Adding an extra field in your contact form
  • Contact form 3 - Adding a word verification box in your contact form
  • How to embed YouTube videos on your WordPress site
  • 3 ways to insert an images in your site
  • How to add or remove widgets from your website
  • How to change page permalinks structure of wordpress
Bonus materials
  • How to use FTP or File Transfer Protocol to access your web server files
  • Changing file permissions (CHMOD) of certain files through FTP