• What is WordPress and Why WordPress?
  • VS
  • Why Use Wordpress as a Platform?
Domain and Hostings for Wordpress Sites
  • What is a Web Domain Name?
  • Buying a Domain Name
  • Registering a Hosting Account
  • Best Webhosting Company
  • Top Hosting and Domain Name Companies
  • Domains and Hosting
Working with Cpanels
  • What is a Cpanel?
  • Inside Cpanel
  • Creating an Add on Domain
  • Creating a Sub-domain
  • Creating an Email Account in Cpanel
  • Checking Stats
  • Changing Nameservers
  • Cpanel
Installing Wordpress
  • Install Wordpress in One Minute
  • Logging to Your Wordpress Site
  • Inside Wordpress
  • The Wordpress Dashboard
  • Creating Categories
  • Creating Your First Post
  • Wordpress Pages
  • Posts or Pages
  • Adding Images to Your Post or Page
  • Adding Videos to Your Wordpress Posts or Pages
  • Posts or Pages
Wordpress Themes
  • What is a Wordpress Theme?
  • Free Versus Premium Themes
  • Top 10 Wordpress Premium Themes
  • The Theme I Use for My Wordpress Sites
  • How to Install a Premium WordPress Theme to Your Site
  • WordPress Themes
WordPress Plugins
  • What is a Wordpress Plugin?
  • Free Versus Paid Wordpress Plugins
  • How to Install a Wordpress Free or Paid Plugin?
  • How Many Plugins? Less is More!
  • Installing a plugin
Setting Wordpress Permalinks
  • Setting Wordpress Permalinks
  • Formaility and Legal Pages
Creating a Home Page
  • What is a Homepage? Static Home Page, Dynamic Homepage
  • Home Page
General Settings
  • General Setting
  • Comments in Wrodpress
  • Comments in WordPress
Customizing Your Website
  • Changing the Skins of Your Theme
  • Changing the Colors in the Your Theme's Skin
  • Theme Changing the Ads Settings
  • Customizing Your WordPress Website - Other Settings
  • Uploading a Header to Your WordPress Site
  • Creating a Header for Your WordPress Website in X-Header
  • Adding a Custom Menu to Your WordPress Site
  • Adding a Slider to Your Wordpress Site
  • Customizing Your WordPress Site's Sidebar
  • Adding Widgets to Your Footer Area
  • Adding a Slider
  • Conclusion