Getting Started with Wordpress – Get your website started on the right track
  • Introduction to the Course
  • Choosing vs.
  • Purchasing a Domain & Hosting for Your Wordpress Website
  • How to Install Wordpress on Your Hosting
  • Getting to Know the Wordpress Dashboard
  • Set-up Your Profile on Wordpress
Creating Content with Wordpress – Create Beautiful Content that Gets Read
  • WordPress Posts vs. Pages: When To Use Each
  • How to Write a Post in WordPress
  • How to Manage and Edit WordPress Posts
  • How to Write a WordPress Page
  • Manage and Edit WordPress Pages
Organizing Your WordPress Content
  • Categories vs. Tags
  • Using WordPress Categories
  • Using WordPress Tags
Create a Media Rich Wordpress Site
  • How to Use & Add Media to the WordPress Media Library
  • Create & Add a Photo Gallery to a Post
  • Add Images to a Post
  • Embed YouTube Videos to Posts
  • Add a PDF Download to a Post
Customizing Your WordPress Site
  • Customize Your WordPress Theme
  • How To Create Custom Menus In WordPress
  • Updating Your Theme to the Latest Version
Getting Conversational – Start Engaging with Your Readers & Haters!
  • Managing WordPress Comments
  • Fighting WordPress Comment SPAM with Akismet
Configuring Your WordPress Settings
  • How to choose Optimal Settings & Configure Your Permalinks
WordPress Site & Plugin Management
  • Setting-up your Contact Us Page
  • WordPress Backup Plugins: WPBackup
  • Wordpress Site-Speed Booster Plugin: W3Cache
  • Getting Your Website Social with Social Media Buttons Plugin
BONUS: Choosing the Right Theme for Your Wordpress Website
  • Thank You and a Little Favour!
  • Where To Purchase Premium Wordpress Themes
  • What to Look for in a Wordpress Theme – an Ultimate Guide
  • BONUS: A Little Gift...