Welcome to the course
  • Tools You Need For This Course
  • Introduction
  • Important! Download the course materials (.zip file)
  • Website Hosting
Set yourself up with a domain name and hosting for your site
  • Get a domain and webhosting plan
  • More options for webhosting
  • Set up your domain name and hosting plan
Manage your site with Cpanel and the WordPress administrator panel
  • How to log in to Cpanel
  • Create a subdomain
  • Install wordpress
  • Login to your wordpress administrator pannel
  • About passwords and accounts
  • How to change your admin username and password
Start creating the mock site for this course. The site is called "Home Fitness"
  • Install the Customizr theme
  • Donate to Customizr developers
  • Pick your site's colours and write your tagline
  • Insert text and an image into your page
  • Features of WordPress "word processor"
  • Upload images to your media library
  • Create a "static page" - this is wordpress jargon for a simple webpage
  • Link to any page of your site
  • Add more static pages
  • Create a navigation menu
  • Create a submenu
  • Assign a submenu to a page
  • Set your front page
Create a features images section
  • Resize your images with Pixlr
  • Choose your featured pages
Create an image slider for your site
  • The Slider: an introduction
  • Resize images for your slider
  • Upload your slider images from computer to Wordpress media library
  • Configure your slider
Create content on your site
  • Add social media icons to your site
  • Customize your fonts
  • Install Google fonts plugin for unlimited font customization!
  • Create a contact form
  • Recaptcha: validate that the person writing to you is human and not a robot
  • Delete the About sample page
  • How to leave your front page blank
  • Assign a posts page to display your blog posts in a thumbnail gallery
  • Publish your first blog post
  • Create an image gallery
  • Edit your image gallery
  • Social media sharing - Let your visitors share your content on Facebook, Twitter
  • Social media sharing: the "more" button
  • Discussion settings
  • Categorize your blog posts
  • Add your blog posts to one or more categories
Learn how to customize the layout of your sidebars and footer
  • Choose your sidebar layout
  • Add sidebar widgets
  • Front page layout
  • Customize the layout of your post and pages
  • Breadcrumbs - wordpress leaves trail so you can find your way back
  • Footer widgets
  • Footer area 2
  • Footer area 3
Create a custom logo
  • Create and upload a custom logo
  • Replace the site title with your custom logo
Create an email signup form and a lead magnet
  • Introduction to email signup forms
  • Create a "thank you" page
  • Setup your Mailchimp account
  • Download these plugins
  • Connect Mailchimp to Wordpress
  • Finalize your Email signup form
Elementor: An Awesome Free Page Builder Plugin
  • Elementor page builder intro
  • Install Elementor
  • Explore the possibilities of Elementor
  • Add a new section
  • Clone anything
  • Add your new page to nav bar