Introduction: What You Will Learn
  • Introduction
Getting Specific
  • Know Your Audience
  • How to Get Specific With Your Audience
  • Use Words Your Audience is Using
  • Free Google Keyword Tools
  • The Power of Long Tail Keywords (and How to Use Them)
Create Value and Serve People
  • Why Do People Give You Money?
  • It's Not About Selling. It's About Sharing.
  • How to Build a Loyal Following
  • Answer Questions and Solve Problems
How to Plan Your Blog Posts
  • How to Outline Your Blog Posts
  • Create Resources and Bonuses
  • Linking to Other Content (and Keep People on Your Blog)
Best Blog Writing Format
  • Write Like You Talk
  • How to Make Posts Easy to Follow and Read
  • How to Keep Readers on Your Bog
Write Irresistable Headlines and Subheads
  • Create Curiosity
  • Ask a Question
  • Headline Length and Using Keywords
  • Using Title Tags in Your Blog Posts
Convert Traffic Into Customers
  • Lead Readers Where You Want Them to Go
  • Tell Readers What You Want Them to Do
  • Where to Place Your Links (Buy, Contact, Enroll, etc.)
  • Be Patient: Most People Need More (and That's OK)
  • Where to Go From Here (and Course BONUS!)