• What You'll Learn
  • 7 Steps to the Perfect Story
Your First Pass: The Heavy Lifting of Making High-Level Changes to Your Draft
  • Printing it out
  • First Pass: Read it Out Loud
  • Make Big, High-level Changes
  • Using Index Cards: Oh, it's Magic!
  • What you've learned so far
Fine Tuning and Tightening UP
  • Full Sweep: Cut Out Overused Conversation Markers
  • Add Tension — EVERYWHERE!
  • Enhance Descriptions: Use all of the Five Senses
Character Fixes
  • Real Emotion: Show it
  • Emotions Hand out
  • Recommended Reading: Creating Believable Characters
Time Travel
  • Insert Foreshadowing
  • Flashbacks
  • Dreams
The Plot Thickens: Adding or Enhancing Subplots
  • Subplots: You need at least one
  • Subplots: Make that two
  • Subplots: Okay, you need three, but seriously, that's it
Gathering Feedback
  • Enlisting Friends
  • Interacting on Writer’s Café
  • Interacting on Wattpad
  • Interacting on Scribophile
  • What you've learned so far, part deux
What to do with Feedback
  • Incoming! — Incorporating Feedback
  • Incoming! — Ignoring Feedback
  • Incoming! — Developing a Tough Hide
Automated Editing
  • AutoCrit
  • AutoCrit Demo
  • ProWriting Aid
  • Hemingway
  • Editminion
  • Editing Software to Avoid
  • What you've learned so far, final deux
Time to Get Professional Help
  • Getting Recommendations
  • Finding a Good Editor Online
Finalizing Your Manuscript: You're Done!
  • One Last Look
Wrapping it Up
  • Check Back Regularly