• Welcome
  • Preview of the final project
Getting Started
  • Getting to know the interface
  • Configuring the workspace
  • Creating new pages
  • Page properties
  • Differences between page properties and site properties
  • The toolbox
  • Previewing in the browser
Building a Master Page
  • What is a master page?
  • Building the master page 1
  • Building the master page 2
  • Building the site navigation
  • Centering the entire website
  • Adding a logo
  • Adding a footer text
  • Renaming Object ID's
Working with Text
  • The text tool
  • Creating bulleted list
  • Style manager
  • Adding google web fonts
Adding Content
  • Designing the Homepage
  • Designing the About page
  • Designing the Portfolio Page
  • Designing the Services Page
  • Adding text to the pages
The Contact Page
  • Designing the contact page 1
  • Designing the contact page 2
  • Adding a success and error pages
  • The contact page file extension
Responsive Web Design
  • Responsive web design in WYSIWYG Web Builder
  • Making the about page responsive
  • Making the services page responsive
  • Making the portfolio page responsive
  • Masking the master page responsive
  • Making the contact page responsive
Saving and Publishing
  • Review of the website
  • Saving website project
  • Publishing project
  • Goodbye