Introduction to Xamarin
  • Welcome!
  • What is Xamarin?
  • Why Xamarin?
  • How does Xamarin Work?
  • Installing on macOS
  • Installing on Windows
Defining the Layout
  • Creating a project in Mac
  • Creating a project in Windows
  • Adding Some Controls
  • The StackLayout
  • Event Handlers
Handling Events and Navigation
  • Creating Event Handlers with C#
  • Changing the Main Page
  • Adding a Toolbar
  • Navigating to another Page
  • Testing on Android Simulator
  • Testing on iOS Simulator
  • Testing on iOS Simulator from Windows
NuGet and SQLite
  • Adding Packages to the Project
  • The Android Main Activity
  • The iOS App Delegate
  • Creating a Model Class
  • Inserting into a SQLite Database
  • Reading from a SQLite Database
  • Defining the ListView
  • DataBinding, ItemTemplate, and a bit of Styling
  • Please watch