Locating Elements
  • HTML Basics
  • How to Inspect WebElements?
  • Find Elements By ID and Link Text
  • Find Elements By Name and Class
XPath Basics
  • ChroPath for Chrome
  • Create XPath Using Attributes
  • Create XPath Using Text
  • XPath for Dynamic Elements
XPath Axis
  • XPath Using Parent - Child Relationship
  • XPath Using Ancestor - Descendant Relationship
  • XPath Using Preceding - Following Relationship
  • Absolute XPath Vs Relative XPath
CSS Selectors Basics
  • What is CSS and CSS Selectors?
  • Create CSS Selectors Using Attributes
  • CSS Selectors for Dynamic Elements
  • Create CSS Selectors Using Multiple Attributes
CSS Selectors Advance
  • Advance CSS Selectors
  • Creating CSS Selectors Using Child-Node Numbering
  • Conclusion
  • Next Steps