Set your starting point
  • Overview of 5-step approach
  • Defining the starting point
  • Assess your level of clarity BEFORE this course
  • Taking an inventory of strengths, weaknesses, assets, and passions
  • List your strengths, weaknesses, assets, and passions
Discover what's important to you
  • Why is having a career compass important
  • Travelling back to three favorite projects / work experiences
  • Reflecting on your Top 3 work experiences
  • How to create a career compass
  • Create your career compass
  • How to use a career compass
  • Assess your current job
Explore your options
  • Expanding career options
  • Brainstorm your all your career options
  • Picking the Top 3 career options
  • Pick your Top 3 career options
Evaluate your options
  • Ideas on researching career options
  • The concept of a curiosity conversation
  • Schedule three curiosity conversations
  • Confirm the final 3 options
  • Using the career compass to evaluate & compare career options
  • Evaluate and compare your Top 3 career options
Move forward with new clarity
  • Deciding for the best option
  • Choose your next move
  • Developing an action plan with a timeline
  • Create your action plan
  • CONGRATULATIONS & Final Thoughts
  • Assess your level of clarity AFTER this course
BONUS: Complete example for fictional character Tom
  • Step 1: Tom's starting point
  • Step 2: Tom's career compass
  • Step 3: Tom's options
  • Step 4: Tom's evaluation of his options
  • Step 5: Tom's decision and path forward